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How To Clean Brake Dust Off Rims

how to clean brake dust off rims

    brake dust
  • The fine particles created as the brake linings wear down in normal use. Brake dust usually contains dangerous amounts of asbestos

  • As you use your brakes, the brake pads throw off the brake pad material as a fine dust.  The brake dust creates a black mess, which sticks to the wheels and lower body panels.  Because the front wheels do most of the braking, brake dust is often heaviest on the front wheels.

    how to
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how to clean brake dust off rims - Green Earth

Green Earth Technologies 01200 Brakedust Remover Wheel Cleaner 22 oz

Green Earth Technologies 01200 Brakedust Remover Wheel Cleaner 22 oz

Totally Green Brakedust Remover Wheel cleaner. G-WHEEL™ Brake Dust Shield is a patent pending brake dust shield that is made form American grown base oils that now puts the power of nanotechnology into the hands of the consumer. G-WHEEL Brake Dust Shield protects against the toughest baked on brake dust and dirt buildup while leaving a shiny protective INVISIBLE Nano-coating SHIELD that resists brake dust re-coating for over 30 days. Brake dust and road grime sticks to the invisible shiny shield and can be safely rinsed away. Safe for ALL WHEEL STYLES & SURFACES, G-Wheel™ Brake Dust Repellent needs to be reapplied after wiping…will not rinse off. G-WHEEL™ is the “GREEN ALTERNATIVE” when cleaning and protecting all wheel styles. Unlike other products, it is not necessary to wear gloves, goggles or a breathing apparatus when using G-WHEEL™.…satisfaction guaranteed! G-WHEEL bottles are made from 100% recycled milk jugs and the labels are printed using soy inks on biodegradable paper. This product will not stain driveways or harm grass, plants or ground-water.

80% (10)

Brake Dust

Brake Dust

The stock Infiniti brake pads had amazing grip, but it was at the cost of showering everything near the wheel with a thick layer of brake dust. The new pads are supposed to dust less, still with good stopping power.

BMW owner was sick of the brake dust and gets 4 Kleen Wheels.

BMW owner was sick of the brake dust and gets 4 Kleen Wheels.

The Brake dust on this $80k BMW is just unacceptable. A couple days after washing the car the wheels were black with dust ! We installed a set of Kleen Wheels to keep this 7series BMW looking good.

how to clean brake dust off rims

how to clean brake dust off rims

Mothers Double Loop Brake Dust Brush

Mothers High Performance Car Care Accessories are a complete line featuring unique microfiber products, lightweight, ergonomic brushes and finishing products. The brushes feature non-slip comfort grips, lightweight ergonomic designs and protective rubber bumpers. Whether one has big brakes or an intricate design on the wheels, this brush will help rid the vehicle of brake dust. Its non-slip comfort grip and scratch-free bristles help to gently loosen brake dust and dirt. The Mothers Brake Dust Brush has a lightweight design to help make tedious work easy. Mothers High Performance brushes are the choice for enthusiasts everywhere.

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