How To Clean A Tile Shower

how to clean a tile shower

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I shot and processed this shot last weeks and stuck in the "when there is nothing else to post" file. Boy, how serendipity can spring up around us.

It's about 5:30pm Monday night. I make an easy repair to a drippy tub faucet (no sweat). Every few years you take it apart clean out the heavy water deposits and put it back together. Although this time, the 30 year old faucet has decided to crack inside the valves (plastic). A quick run to Home Depot gets laughter and advice to replace it - quickly the water is turned off to the house! Although I have done a ton of work to our house over the years and everything has been replaced by me, this time I need a plumber.

8:30pm: There is a Roto-Rooter repairman looking in bewilderment at a faucet that pre-dates him. He advises we replace it - who knows if the faucet company still exists. Great... how much and how long? Well as my wife, the plumber, myself and the faucet stand there (the Gathering), he asks which wall to destroy! AAGGHH! Apparently I never changed the tub faucets because they were the nucleus for which the house was built around.

11:00pm: After busting out the American Epress card (how about a buck for the corporate plug), the repairman leaves a very clean bathroom (he worked very cleanly) with a 36"x24" how in the shower tile. AAGGHH!

Anybody know a mediocre tile guy that can answer a bunch of tile questions.




I hate how I constantly wash my hands, am obsessed with my teeth, and have to shower after babysitting or when I feel sweaty. It consumes me, I don't see how psychology is in my future when I'm like this. I need to feel clean. It takes such an effort on my part to wear a sweatshirt to school twice in a row. I need to stop, I need help.

I wanted it darker but it actually looked good being kind of bright. The top photo was the hardest (obviously) so I only took three different shots, that shot turned out great. I'm pretty much a beast in manual mode I just need to graduate from auto white balance haha.

My summer has been consumed with babysitting and self portraits. I get so jealous of all these people who have plans... I've tried doing things with so many different people but I've hung out with one person once this entire time, it kinda sucks. And I wish we had like the end of November to the beginning of February as our vacation, not May to August, because you're stuck inside your house, pool, or in some store soaking up the ac instead of enjoying the not so harsh light and beautiful colors and perfect weather of fall... So many run on sentences but I don't even care... I sort of do but it's easier to ramble for a minute than think for ten.

how to clean a tile shower

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