Spring Fresh Cleaning

spring fresh cleaning

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spring fresh cleaning - Fresh And

Fresh And Alive 2G Budget Water Ionizer Bundle (Batch)

Fresh And Alive 2G Budget Water Ionizer Bundle (Batch)

The Fresh and Alive! 2G Budget Ionizer creates medical grade super alkaline and acid waters tens to hundreds of times stronger than other ionizers at a fraction of the cost. This bundle includes the ionizer, a drinking water pH test kit, urine/saliva pH test paper, and liquid sea minerals - everything you need except water. Unlike expensive flow-through ionizers that connect to your faucet and electrify the water as it flows through, our 2G batch model holds water in two tanks, one acid, one alkaline, separated by a porous membrane. Using platinum-coated medical grade titanium electrodes (the main cost of the 2G, platinum is more expensive than gold), the 2G electrifies the water with direct current electricity for 8 to 12 hours. When used as directed, the 2G Ionizer makes 3/4 gallons each of pH 10 to 11 alkaline water with ORP of -800 to -1,000 millivolts, and pH 4 to 5 acid waters with ORP of 800 to 1,000 millivolts, every 8 to 12 hours. That is tens to hundreds of times stronger than water from flow-through models. A major weakness of flow-through ionizers is their dependence on the quality of water coming from your tap. All ionizers must have minerals in the water to make ions that give the water a strong pH and electrical charge; the fewer minerals in your water, the weaker your ionized water will be. If you have limited minerals in your water (as many municipal supplies and wells do), you will have weak, poorly mineralized (and often toxic) ionized water. With the 2G Ionizer you can use good bottled or purified water and add your own trace minerals in order to make strong, pure ionized water. You can use any of the expensive flow-through ionizers that connect to your faucet such as Jupiter, Kangen, Enagic, Tyent, Microwater, and Delphi, but if your water is poor quality, you'll wind up with low pH values and ORP values. With the 2G Ionizer you have control over both the quality of water & strength of ionization, features not found in any flow-through model.

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spring cleaning

spring cleaning

If you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with a Proper Polish Woman, you probably know very well by now that there can be no Easter without Spring Cleaning. You just can’t start celebrating until everything in and out of sight has been cleaned, washed, tidied up, polished and sorted out. But there is good news, too. Once everything is shiny and smells clean and fresh like spring rain, and your back hurts just a little bit, the Proper Polish Woman will spend three days or so conjuring up Easter food that is so good it will magically erase the memory of Spring Cleaning.

(more photos below)

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was so nice. I had the windows open all day. It was the kind of day that inspires a good Spring cleaning. Nothing quite like the smell of a clean house with the fresh air coming through the windows. (Also, please forgive the border around the ceiling. I loathe it, but we are renting and i can't remove it. ;)

spring fresh cleaning

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